Friday, January 23, 2009

My Bloody Valentine 3D at the Fenway Cinema

I'm a bit of a 3D aficionado. My first 3D film was Spy Kids 3. That's right fucking Spy Kids. I hadn't seen the other two but the lure of 3D was too strong. Then there was my favorite Friday the 13th in 3D at the Coolidge. Horror just lends itself to 3D so well with eyeballs flying out at the audience and machetes looming out over the screen. Also, then there was the Coolidge's annual 3D series. I've been to a bunch of those. I really really like 3D and I'm very excited that its coming back as a technology. That being said, My Bloody Valentine in 3D contained some of the most impressive 3D that I've ever seen. The depth of the 3D was some of the largest I've ever experienced in a theater. When a character points a shotgun into the camera, the image protrudes a mile out of the screen. How was the rest of the movie? Just alright. Pretty standard 80s slasher with lots of gore and some good nudity. I actually was a bit bored near the end and just waiting for the movie to be over. If you have any interest in seeing it, you must see it in the theater. There is no point otherwise.

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mh said...

I agree that it was a pretty mediocre film outside of the 3-D gore, especially the drawn-out, who-cares-? ending. But that 3-D gore is special-- there's just something magical about a jawbone torn from the face of a senior citizen with a pick-axe and flung into the face of you, the audience member. And general story-telling lameness aside, the nude scene may stand alone as a classic-- it doesn't even really rely on the 3-D to work!