Friday, January 9, 2009

Top Ten Movies of 2008

1.) Rambo- I know some people will probably think I'm being purposefully ironic with this as my favorite movie of the year. But this movie completely blew me away. Its a real action movie that is beautiful in its simplicity. It also has tons of balls and tons of violence and made me very happy. It sort of resembled a haiku. An incredibly violent haiku.

2.)Iron Man- Great script. Great actor. Great Directing. Alot of fun.

3.)Burn After Reading- I actually prefer this over last years "No Country for Old Men." While not as tense and important, Burn After Reading is filled with creativity and very very funny.

4.) In Bruges- The way crime movies should be made. Great characters and a great script.

5.)Vicky Christine Barcelona- I think moving his movies out of NYC has really reinvigorated Woody Allen. Scarlett Johansen is terrible, but everything else about the movie is great.

6.)Slumdog Millionaire

7.) Milk

8.)Wall-E- I love Pixar. The first twenty minutes of Wall E are almost entirely devoid of dialogue. Pretty gutsy for a children's movie, don't you think? Pixar knows you don't need to dumb down movies for children.

9.)The Wrestler- I can't believe I liked it this much.

10.) Valkyrie

Honorable Mentions-
The Ruins
Synecdoche NY
Let the Right One In
The Girl who Lept Through Time


Rob Troccolo said...

Ha -- Great List! I still haven't seen Rambo or Wall-E. Maybe I'll make it a double-feature.

Jackson Ellis said...

i want to see your worst ten movies of 2008 list. and your tits. show me your tits.